Bot Integration for Business Growth: Live Webinar

Bot integration is the top trend for the digital business world in 2018. It can guarantee the customers better experience like providing the best search results, collected based on the complicated custom filters, quick access to the actual info, getting the answers 24/7.

Register for a webinar on the 27th September at 14:00 and find out, how to let the bots work for your business prosperity.

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Find out, how to integrate the bots in your business

Join the free webinar with invited speaker, the IT expert from the developers’ company Magora UK. Learn how smart robots revolutionise modern businesses and how to benefit from the latest developments such as chatbots and Artificial Intelligence.


27th September


2 p.m BST (10 a.m. EST)

  • Smart bots and Artificial Intelligence overview
  • Ways to get more profit with the bots
  • Hot examples of AI & bots working for your competitors
  • Step-by-step guide on bot integration planning
  • Open Q&A session

Since the 2010 year, Magora works on the sophisticated bespoke IT projects, servicing the Trivago and Veleda, Toyota, and Unilever. They hold top positions in Clutch ratings of software and app developers for the UK.

Bot integration for business means:

  • unlimited opportunities for the advanced customer service;
  • the way to decrease the cost for the personnel;
  • the tool to collect clear statistics for the buyer preferences;
  • solution for growing the sales volume and clients’ satisfaction.

On the 27th of September, Magora UK expert James Watkins will share his professional experience and answer your questions online.