iPhone App Designers and Developers: We Build Powerful iOS Apps for Businesses

Stand out with a smart iPhone app! Our app design agency offers you a team of the most talented and creative iPhone app designers with impressive skills and wealth of experience in software development for iPhones.

Whether your iPhone project is aimed at efficiency and productivity increasing or better interaction with customers, our app designers and programmers can breathe life into your vision and provide your company with a mobile tool that meets any of your goals.

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Bespoke iPhone solution

We carefully listen to your requirements and think through your iPhone project. Our business analysts conduct market research and study your business competitors. We determine your users’ needs and expectations to design and customise your piece of software catering all the requirements and business goals you set. Our company strives to make the process of app design transparent and clear for you regularly delivering results and asking for your feedback. At Magora you will meet ambitious app developers who are looking for new challenging tasks.
iPhone App Design Potential
Apple App Store amounts more than 1.5 million apps what point at a high demand for mobile app development. Designing an iPhone app can significantly promote your brand and products or services you offer.
  • iOS capabilities provide comprehensive opportunities to design a high-performing app implementing almost any feature you want;
  • While Apple design adds value to your branding owing to its simplicity, depth, user-friendliness and classy unmatched style.
  • iOS platform is known as the most stable, secure and regularly updated one. It provides the safest environment for business activity.
Expertise in iPhone application design
iPhone app design services are required in multiple industries to embrace different spheres of activities helping people benefit from technologies. And we don’t mind to share our expertise in iPhone software development to assist you in achieving your business objectives.
Apple users are considered to be more willing to pay that is why iPhone app monetization strategy can bring you a higher ROI comparing to what you are expecting from other platforms. And our software designers know how to build a most efficient monetization strategy with In-app purchasing, advertising, and setting of initial purchasing cost.
Our iPhone software designers and developers have the necessary knowledge and expertise in creating engaging and scalable iPhone apps that can easily become a part of your existing IT strategy.
Our app designers create a stunning user interface backed up with robust functionality to engage your app’s users and empower your business.

Empowering Functionality

Advantages of Modern Technology
iOS platform encourages app designers to develop high-functioning applications. Such iPhone software not only makes you visible on a mobile platform but also empowers your staff and customers helping your business to stand out from your competitors. Our team uses the latest version of Xcode, the newest iOS technologies and the most reliable frameworks to speed the development process, preserve good quality and use all the advantages of iOS platform.
Push Notification
Our app designers can implement numerous features including Apple Push Notifications that enable the users to interact with your iPhone application even when it is not activated. Real-time customised reminder messages will help you to inform your customers about the most important news of your company, arouse the interest to get them involved and keep in touch 24/7.
App design team can allow users to interact with your app with the help of iOS personal assistant, Siri. Thus, users will be able to perform certain tasks and activate certain functions with a spoken commands or question. For instance, you customers using their voice will be able to
  • Initiate the search;
  • Send and request payments;
  • Make reservations and ask for status information;
  • Activate and cancel some functions;
Purchasing system
If your app is going to serve you as a mobile shop, our app designers can integrate Apple wallet service called Apple Pay. It is a secure and safe way to perform payments within iOS. We can also simplify the operation with iPhone’s Touch ID capability and speed authorisation of the payment with a touch.
If your interaction with customers or employees implies a storage and getting access to a big amount of data, such as documents, photos, videos and others, we can recommend you usage of iCloud service. iPhone app designers will ensure seamless access to the content without performing synchronisation making your iPhone application iCloud-enabled.
Social Media
Social Media integration will help you to promote your brand and business activity. Users expect to have access to their accounts on different social networks. First of all, we can significantly simplify the registration procedure via Facebook account or any other. Secondly, our app designers can enable users with sharing extensions and allow them to post your content to a selected social media service. The content that can be shared includes not only text and photo materials but also location data, URLs and others.
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    Bar design
UI design is a visual part of your application. It is the way users see your program, and our app designers always strive to make it enticing and intuitive to retain users. With the help of iOS frameworks such as UIKit, and using Xcode’s Interface Builder our iPhone app designers can visualise any of your ideas. The can design the interface from scratch or add customised built-in objects to streamline the process. Views, bars, controllers - all the design constituents will reflect your business identity with the right colour pattern, suitable font, and personalised icons, company label, and other visual elements.
Modern iPhone with a Retina screen has two/three pixels per one point. While creating a high-quality user interface, app designers work with these point values. Taking in consideration that Retina display has more than 300 pixels per inch, iPhone software designers have an extremely supportive environment for creating amazing designs with smooth and sleek graphics. Such pixel density adds real values to the graphic design on iPhone.
Apple enabled multidimensional display touch with which users can launch actions without launching your app. This function can save users time, empowering them to reply to notifications, vary stroke width, preview messages, links and other content, make quick actions such as search and much more. Our software developers will design required shortcuts and will help your users and employees move around faster.
A beautiful and attractive icon is the first thing that draws users attention. People acquaintance with your application starts with its icon which becomes one of the fundamental parts of iPhone user experience. It is not only a decorative element of the design but also an informative one. It communicates with users telling them about software purposes, and it can also promote your brand. Apple has certain recommendations to icon design. For instance, it suggests using a golden ratio to keep good proportions. Our designers will agree with you upon icon design and include several sizes for display in App Store, during the launch, in a toolbar and in other situations. Designers will also reflect your brand in icon design making your application recognisable. We ensure meticulous, informative and aesthetically appealing design that will look nice in any size.
We ensure that your users will always have access to the important information like time, signal, and battery with the Status Bar implemented in as many places as possible. Its background can be customised into any colour. Our designers will also integrate intuitive Navigation Bar with quick access to the most important parts of your software, such as profile, menu, and others. Its background also can be customised to any preferable colour and merged with the Status Bar if you wish it. For apps with lots of content implementation of Search Bar can significantly save users time. Tab and Toolbar can also be implemented by our app designers. We discuss navigation map with you to come up with a design which provides the most intuitive user experience.
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Our competence in iOS development and professional approach ensures that your application will be of the highest quality. Exceptionally good software design companies have a QA department responsible for smooth performance, appealing look, and security of the customers’ projects, and we are one of them. QA experts carefully test your software product every aspect and inform app designers if there are requires any improvements and changes. Testers detect and eliminate bugs. We can boast our products quality which creates our company a reputation of highly-skilled app designers and developers.

Support and maintenance

We support our customers with our technical expertise and advice. You don’t need to care about you app submitting. Our app designers build apps accurately navigate Apple restrictions and follow all the coding guidelines and standards. We will help you to get a positive Apple review and successfully release your application under your or your company name. When you feel that your iPhone software needs to be upgraded, or you want to integrate new features we will be happy to prolong our collaboration. You can also rely on our free consultations anytime you need them.

What results we deliver

We design software solutions that are supported by all iPhone models and optimised to all iPhones’ screens, that your customers and employees use.

  • App designers deliver the graphics which is compatible with all iPhone variations.
  • iPhone app designers create Interface that provides users with a native experience.
  • Rich visual elements we implement looks sophisticated and add interactivity.
  • Due to our passion to innovations, your program benefits from all iPhone and iOS capabilities and has all the latest features you’d like to integrate.
  • Your iPhone app passes all QA tests including performance test, security test, load test and others.

iPhone solution we design is tailored to your requirements to match all your business needs.