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We solve the most elaborate IT problems and deliver easy-to-understand yet powerful applications.

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Your Reliable Development Partner

At the very beginning of every app design process, we take the time to understand the nature of your business, prioritise the requirements and set the timeline for the project. When all this is done, our developers build the app’s non-interactive black and white prototype.
Professional approach
  • Interview with stakeholders, discussion of requirements and prioritising features
  • Creating a logic behind the app and its map
  • Designing the architecture, navigation and identifying the core functionality
  • Producing content for every page of the app and designing wireframes
  • Writing a software requirements specification document
Frameworks and Programming Languages
  • Python
  • Django
  • Grails
  • Oracle Database
  • PostgreSQL

The Stages of Web App Creation Process

UI and UX Design
At the stage of designing user interface and user experience, we create the visual style and the interactions within your future application.
  • We can create a design concept based on the established business identity of your brand, or create a unique branding for your organisation from scratch.
  • Our IT specialists develop the architecture, embeds element of the navigation and interlink the pages
  • We then create a design concept keeping in mind the preferences of the niche audience you target
  • Apply responsive website design techniques to ensure that your web app looks perfect across various devices of all size and display resolution
Front-End Development
When programming your applications, we put our attention to writing a clear and precise code that complies with the world best coding standards.
  • Coding every page using HTML5 and CSS3 technologies
  • Ensuring responsiveness of the web solution to make it equally efficient and user-friendly across smartphones, tablets and desktop computers, as well as optimising the load speed
  • Evaluating the code and ensuring its high quality, stable performance and long-term business value
  • Utilising the most popular and efficient frameworks for web app development such as JavaScript, Node, Angular, React and others
Back-End Development
This is one of our favourite stages as we deeply love back-end programming. We utilise the latest technologies and the most powerful tools to ensure scalable, flexible backend solutions.
  • We have a wide expertise in using some of the best-known development tools and SQL servers including MySQL and PostgreSQL
  • We equip our websites with easy-to-use and feature-rich content management systems so that you will be able to update the content of the website and change its structure whenever you need it
  • We integrate multiple plugins and widgets that facilitate the process of search engine optimisation (SEO), media asset management, support multiple languages, connect to social networks and RSS feeds as well as provide for other valuable opportunities
  • Ensure a high security for software, hardware, server and other levels
  • Integration with third-party services and platform for email marketing, social network engagement and other important activities
  • Website deployment, hosting and continuous maintenance
Ongoing Support and Performance Monitoring
Your web-based app or website will be continuously monitored by a special automated service to timely eliminate any risks and notify about suspicious behaviour. The core benefits provided by our monitoring functionality is the guarantee that you will not lose any revenue because of discontinued transactions, as well as a whole bunch of other awesome features:
  • Automated web monitoring service for client all over the world
  • Fast detection of failed transaction and other errors with quick issues fixing
  • Instant notifications about detected problems
  • Real-time performance tracking with timely alerts
Web Application Maintenance and Optimisation
We will take full responsibility of the success of your website or web-based application.
  • If you do not have the time or enough employees to keep an eye on your online platform, or enthusiastic and skilled support team will be happy to do it for you.
  • We will monitor the performance of your web app and site, collect user feedback solve issues and update its content, creating outstanding pictures, articles, blog posts and other brilliant content.
Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation
Engage to your audience. Connect to consumers and make your brand visible around the world wide web. Establish a strong online presence through high ranking in Google SERP results (search engine result page) and attract organic traffic to get quality leads, which easily convert to money.
  • In-depth search engine optimisation on the level of the website's content and code
  • Launching advertising campaigns on Google, Facebook, YouTube and other resources
  • PPC (pay-per-click campaigns), in-app monetisation and rigorous analytics
  • Analysis of user behaviour, competitive research of the market and web-app optimization based on the results
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    Finance and Banking
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    Experienced Team
With our first-class software solutions for the banking and finance industry, your company can skyrocket to unparalleled succes and outsrtip the cometition. Check out the digital banking solutions we offer. Smartphones has revolutionized the way we interact with technologies and changes the word around. The banking sector is a vivid example of these changes - online services, fingertip scanners to access credit cards and NFC (Near Field Communication) connections with payment terminals. Small local and large international banks approach us with demands to modernise their services through the power of cutting-edge technologies and create artificial intelligence (AI) for customer support, remote payment, native mobile applications, internet of things products, enhanced security systems with multi-factor encryption and other high-end solutions.

Innovative Banking Solutions

  • Web-based applications for finance and banking for all platforms and devices
  • Elaborate software systems that integrate data and advanced features into a single system packed with effective tools for enhanced productivity
  • Secure and scalable front and back-end that ensure that credit card information about your client does not fall into the wrong hands and is duly protected
  • Enhance your legacy system functionality and performance by implementing top-notch customer relationship management solutions with live chats and real-time support

Omni-Channel Approach to Digital Finance

At our web application development company, we build unparalleled software that can calculate approximate amount of your saving at pension and identify the return on investment when you buy expensive property. Providing the clients’ of your bank with such technology-driven apps, you strengthen your market position and retain consumers, building trust and loyalty. When creating applications for banks we use the omni-channel approach.
We strive to deliver engaging user experiences that consist of a number of interconnected aspects including internet banking, web-based payment apps and native mobile solutions for iOS and Android. In other words, we improve the many ways a client engages with the bank on a daily basis, giving him or her new tools to make the process easier and more enjoyable. We will help you design an operational process that is fast, flexible and secure, guaranteeing minimised risks and increased sales. Supplying your customers with many channels to interact with your bank or financial service, you will see a higher standard of services, increased efficiency and better conversion rates.

What Our High-Tech Banking Apps Can Do

  • Deliver user-friendly and visually pleasing apps to perform banking operations and connect to bank support in real time
  • Strong information security with multifactor authorisation and advanced encryption that will protect your clients’ data from malware, viruses, cyber criminals and other online threats
  • Intuitive interface and memorable user experience across tablets, mobile phones, laptops and desktop computers
  • An abundance of features integrated into a unified interface that is incredibly simple even for those who are not experienced in IT
Our project management team is comprised of most ambitious and multi-versed experts that have outstanding communication skills, management abilities and problem solving expertise.
  • Seamless cross-team collaboration and client communication with the help of the agile methodology
  • Quality control and assurance throughout the entire lifecycle of the product
  • Efficient communication through advanced project management software and any other means you are accustomed to including Skype, phone, email and messengers
  • We will train your staff to use your new website’s CMS and take advantage of the web application's functionality to the full

The Benefits of Working with Us

We can deliver a project estimate, calculate all risks and write a comprehensive software requirements specification for the future web app development project. Our coders, designers, business analysts, quality assurance specialists and other qualified experts take pride in our seamless process that allows us to deliver products within budgets and timeframes designate at the very initial stage of our cooperation. We can develop a web application, a bespoke enterprise software system, a native mobile application for iOS, Android or any other platform and any other technical solution your business may require.