Professional Software Development for Business Needs

If you are looking for the reputable and experienced development agency in Great Britain to create the software for your business, you can rely on our professional team because we provide hundreds of custom solutions for numerous industries. Our developers can create all types of online products from cloud apps to e-commerce platforms, mobile and web apps, quickly reacting websites, content management system and other highly useful business tools.

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Custom Software Development Services

We develop custom software of the enterprise for all purposes, using the latest technologies and advanced tools to improve the performance of your company and to address new clients. Our ambitious and enthusiastic developers adore challenges when it comes to the creation of the software which brings the valid value. Among the successfully pilot products we produce there is a customer relationship management system for the large delivery company, the educational application for students of the known British university, system of online booking and the user system of accounting for the leading retailer in Great Britain.
How we develop custom software
Whether the customer-oriented solution is needed to establish trust and loyalty among consumers or there is a high necessity to develop a backend system to increase the efficiency of internal business processes, our experts can provide user-friendly, available and multipurpose software products which will satisfy all the requirements of the business and will address your clients. Analysts of our company will take time to receive a comprehensive understanding of your business and the target audience to propose the most efficient solution which will perfectly fit into your workflow, including:
  • Web-based apps with a cloud, remote, local, or multi-tenant database;
  • Front-end responsive websites with a hosting put in action by the database;
  • Hosted web programs with a multipurpose customer relationship management system;
  • Set of apps including the integrated front-end, a back-end, B2B and the B2C applications;
  • Desktop programs with the local database or cloud database, synchronisable with the central system of databases;
  • Native software for smartphones and tablets with remote or local databases.
Advanced solutions from expert developers
We have developed enterprise apps that use the following technologies:
  • Safe means of mailing;
  • QR Code (barcode) scanners for online tickets, shopping and also administrative systems;
  • Customer-oriented applications that can be accessed on the go from a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, having provided user access to information and functionality whenever they need it;
  • Applications for time-management which notify users on recent events and actions - there is no need to rely on the memory or hand-written lists;
  • The automated reports providing the quick and exact insight into the business;
  • Systems which predict the stock levels to minimise risks and to keep stocks at the optimum level.
Besides, our specialists can integrate your program with any software and tools needed: the existing corporate programs, systems of online payments, selling tools, social networks and many other things.

The Process of Software Development for Business

Unrivalled experience
We have extensive experience in all popular technologies and tools for development, such as HTML5, ASP.NET MVC, Microsoft SQL Server, CSS3, Web services, and others. Our skilled project managers will inform on progress and each step which developers take during the development process. The clients will have the full access to everything that we develop. Therefore, they will be able to play around with the product and to provide any modifications to the requirements on the way which is not possible if you are not invited to take the active part in development.
Outsourcing Software Development Services
It is up to the client to decide what method they want us to apply to outsourcing software development. Our certified professionals will take care of everything regardless the methodology you prefer. We have many years of experience in this field that sometimes we can precisely forecast what the client is looking for. Let's make your business prosper together. We are competent enough to provide the solution for custom software development which will influence your business by a positive method. We don't pass timelines, and we will deliver the project in the scheduled timeframes.
Waterfall approach to development
The Waterfall development process is a very efficient method for certain cases. It is the process where the client provides a set of specifications and requirements, and in reply receives the completed project. It is this simple and easy. With this method the client set rules, instructions and requirements at the very beginning of the project, and the receives the project made according to everything that was defined in the beginning. Time and costs of software development are also defined in start. The project is delivered at the scheduled time and within the fixed budget. Many clients select service of Waterfall software development for business because it is simple and convenient for them. There are no misunderstanding, everything clear and simple.
Agile approach
The agile methodology of development is aimed to improve traditional processes. The agile approach is very flexible as allows developers to respond quickly to the changing requirements thanks to close cooperation, feedback and cycles of iterative development. Processes of Agile creation is an alternative approach which opposes a classical Waterfall methodology of the development lifecycle in general. Scrum is the most popular platform for Agile project management which is simple and flexible. The Scrum advances feedback, self-organized groups of developers and delivery of completely operational product in the short periods of time. Agile approach will be very effective if you have nothing but the idea of future product because we can implement changes at all stages of development, avoiding global rearrangements and economising time and money resources.
Web App and Website Development
In our software development firm, we create user-friendly, safe and efficient web apps which work via all popular browsers and are adjusted to all screen sizes. Working hours of most of the modern people are not restricted to 9 hours a day 5 days a week anymore. Today business people face the need of their documents, contacts, events and other business materials every time - it is precisely what web apps offer them. Ready access to operation of all business processes. Our programmers can develop everything from a mobile version of the enterprise system to increase mobility, having provided remote access to the staff, to the custom-oriented tool which creates a commitment to the brand and allows to connect the clients.
Why do you need web app development?
A web application is a program running in a web browser, in the same way as a mobile program operating on a smartphone or tablet. This means that it is possible to get access to an app from the mobile device, using the browser without downloading it. Web apps programming became extremely popular in recent years. Such increase is mainly caused by their usability - you can get access to them from any device with the browser installed, they can be accessed from smartphones, which is vital because most people now prefer to surf the Internet from their mobile devices, and you can use them, without downloads and installations.
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Who will own the source code?

Our primary focus is to deliver applications which offer wide user experience to your customers. We also aim to establish a long-term business partnership with the clients, for this reason, we guarantee that you will have a great time, working with us. When work is done, you acquire intellectual property rights for an end product:
  • You won't pay for the license or any other charges because you are a legal owner of a product and its source code.
  • Our company does not use own tools, plug-ins or other technologies to create the product. It means that lifecycle of your program is not limited and that it can be changed by any developer if you will face the need to provide any shifts in the software.
We always aim to provide the first-class products which equal your hopes and increase the cost of the business for this reason we never leave after the actual work is ended. Our experts constantly support, improve and update the products to guarantee the clients that they receive all possible from them. To ensure efficiency, we:
  • Write the comprehensive requirement specification to the project and explain everything, without using a certain terminology which you couldn't understand.
  • Train the employees to use the software either on your premises or at our London office. However, it is the most probable that you will not demand any training as our programs are intuitive and simple in use.
  • Offer continuous maintenance and support at an additional charge, providing the instant problem resolution and 24/7 online support of our specialists.
  • Host the program, using our hosting service for an extra fee. We can boast the high-speed, safe and scalable hosting which offers many benefits to those who don’t want to install special hardware for servers on the premises.
For these years we have built web apps which offer the following functions:
  • Encourage social activity, allow users to add friends, share messages, create reviews and the user feedbacks.
  • Automate standard procedures, data handling, creation of reports, control of content, printing and other actions.
  • Receive comments of users, force analytics to monitor custom activity and traffic, and also to collect information on your clients.
  • Use graphic widgets to trace the project progress, monitor resources and select important or critical data.
  • Provide advanced self-help functions to reduce the load on a customer support team.
  • Use advanced powers to offer different access levels to functions of the software.

Responsive web app design

All applications we build have responsive design to guarantee operation via different devices. The responsive design allows the software to be adjusted to any display whether it is the desktop computer, smartphone, pad or notebook. All program items adapt to screen resolution to guarantee legibility and ease of use - menu, controls, buttons, text boxes, etc.
Whether you need to create a corporate web app to manage expenses of the company, a web solution to distribute among your clients or a program which will provide to the clients information on the products and services, we will supply you with the solution in the shortest period, delivering a product which will be loved by your target audience and employees. The process of software development for any business niche, begins with a research of your industry, the needs and requirements, and also planning for the audience and determination of long-term business objectives. Undoubtedly we will transfer the extensive experience to your product and will bring a lot of excellent creative ideas to the project during the development process. Depending on business requirements our digital agency can supply various types of web apps which will fit into your business and meet your specific needs.