The iOS Developers from London

We are the team of goal-oriented developers, creative designers and scrupulous managers who always strive for perfection.

Our software development offerings are compliant to the highest standards of IT industry. Whether you need to build your iOS app from scratch or re-design and upgrade the existing one - our expertise and abilities are at your disposal!

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We Know How to Build a Perfect iOS App

iOS software development has been at the center of our business since 2007 when Apple launched their iPhone. This gadget has modified the way users interact with technology.
Our team
Our app development group consists of 80+ iOS developers, including 10 senior professionals with large experience in iOS native design and development, who mentor the younger professionals. Perfectly organised and easily accessible statistics, a mentorship lifestyle, team collaboration, know-how sharing and close interaction with clients are the cornerstones of our success that enable us to supply incomparable solutions that make contributions to increase the ROI of our clients.
iOS Expertise
As early adopters, we had experimented with app concepts, design, usability and functions until we mastered the capabilities and have become self-confident enough to provide truly modern-day iOS solutions for business needs. Our products perfectly developed for iPhone are capable of providing appropriate ROI and consumer loyalty!

What makes a perfect iOS app

The app is extra user-friendly to the point where a new iPhone user can easily work with it, even if it is the first app they have ever opened. That is very vital. The developers, spending a lot of time within the iOS surroundings, have a tendency to have a deeper expertise of programs and consequently are probably biased to what makes an app “easy” to use. Something apparently comfortable to them is likely to be quite complicated to the ordinary user. Our developers perfectly realise this point and will do everything possible to create the best user experience.
The app is mindful and takes all the advantages of the device screen it is running on. The major cause for the creation of a mobile program is the data consumption or productive purposes. As a smartphone’s screen is lots smaller than a laptop’s, it is far essential to expose only indispensable and vital information. An excessive amount of statistics and UI elements can purpose confusion and frustration. Our London developers are well aware that a tiny trace of frustration ought to easily cause the app to be deleted and replaced, so they take care of every single sign on the screen.
The product is beneficial.
That is an entirely wide statement, however, it is far correct. With thousands of phone users, there are sure to be many definitions of usefulness. To be succinct, the program should be beneficial to at least a small group of people. Some of the most important and most precious apps nowadays commenced as niche programs.
The app’s layout is appealing.
The first impression is everything, in particular when you are competing with thousands of different software products, a number of which have the equal actual capabilities as yours. One of the best ways to be distinguished from the crowd is through the outstanding layout. The perfectly made design will inevitably lead to a higher user experience, that could then make users converting their friends to your loyal customers too.
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How we build iOS apps

The development process of our London IT company consists of several key stages:
  • Estimation
  • The study of the needs and problems, market research and competitors analysis
  • Prototyping. Writing of technical specifications
  • Layout
  • Programming
  • Testing

When you come to our London developers with your the idea, they create a user story. Here we lay the foundation for the future project to encompass needs and problems to be solved with the app, target market, app vision, key features and functions, life cycle, monetisation, etc. We also conduct the market research to pick out the app’s USPs. When there is a clear vision of what you are looking for, we create an in-depth development task specification.

If you already have an app that needs upgrading and first-class development, our London developers will evaluate the program, ask questions, plan improvements and proceed to prototype.

To visualise the future app and get a clear understanding of how it will perform, we appoint wireframes and storyboard sketches. They s are connected to each other in an effort to find out what layout is the most acceptable for the app.

Once the visualisation is complete and you have given us the feedback, the developers continue with coding and iOS design. We undertake constant testing of the product to make sure it works correctly at every level of functionality.

The advantages and capabilities of iOS programs

The iOS developers use Objective-C program language to build multifunctional applications which bring a lot of advantages to big and small businesses.

Among the benefits of iOS programs are:

  • Excessive set of features and interactive capabilities. iOS app can fully update stationary devices by its functionality.
  • Easy access to the app. Through intuitive and attractive screen icons you can open any software in one click.
  • Pleasant interface, simple and clear navigation. The programming of iOS solutions is focused on the display sizes of Apple mobile devices.

Our London developers can create four types of apps for iPhone and iPad: enterprise, content, games and utilities. The aim and sort of device (smartphone or tablet) determine the form of an app.

Design makes the difference

This question is mainly applicable at the stage of the layout. New models of Apple gadgets have RetinaHD displays with a very high density of pixels, and a perfect display of apps.

Original and unusual design decisions have always distinguished the Apple products. The layout of iPhone apps is characterised by simplicity and excessive accuracy. It is important that any icon of the screen, and then all of the pages look attractive, stunning and incredible. We know how to make use of the iOS requirements to design - rely on our London developers to implement their experience in a triumphant solution for your business.

How We Train iOS Developers

At our development company, we adhere to the constant improvement, expertise sharing and exploring new horizons. That is why when a new developer enters our team, he or she starts a never-finishing quest for professional advancement.

There are five levels of professional advancement for iOS developers at our organisation: junior developer, middle developer, senior developer, tech lead, technical director. Each of these levels is accomplished through tough work, accumulation of expertise, professional and personal improvement and an unbelievable thirst for knowledge.

Here are the important technologies, techniques and strategies that a Junior iOS Developer in our London headquarters need to grasp before proceeding to the following stage.

Stage 1: Learn to create a quick and stable basic app with readable code

  • Software development time estimation. That is one of the essential capabilities because it teaches developers to understand the core procedures and examine skills. Only a developer acquainted with an exceptional form of technology and who has suitable expertise in software development can accurately estimate resources.
  • Database creation. Core Data is the quickest and maximum efficient database for iOS. The developers should set the sights on developing a quality database from the beginning. We pay special attention to software balance and resilience.
  • Collection objects. This helps to master database development to the full. The developers study the pros and cons of every collection object.
  • The basics of UI. UICollectionView and UITableView are the most important UI parts of the UIKit a developer need to learn how to use, as view collections and tables are utilised in every iOS program.
  • GUI layouts. Graphic UI is the base of a great UX, that is why any developer of our London agency should know how to work with different elements of the GUI.
  • Client and server communication. iOS has a number of features when it comes to client-server communication. A developer has to learn what operations can operate in the background, how to start long-running tasks and resolve single request matters.
  • In-app purchases. When a developer has discovered how to build databases, use UI elements and connect to the server, he should make it possible for users to make in-app purchases. Most programs are developed keeping in mind possibility to earn money.
  • Online payment. iPhone owners prefer to pay for products and services by card, and every modern app should offer this opportunity. The problems to be solved in this relation are how to enable and disable geolocation, how to use clustering, and what to do when the service of geolocation is not available.

Stage 2: Advanced customisation

  • Every our London developer perfectly knows the Apple’s guidelines to build the perfect apps.
  • UIGestureRecognizer enables our specialists to control all gestures used within the software.
  • The expert programmers can allow users to log in with the social network accounts and perform standard procedures as changing the profile picture.

The one thing that differentiates our team among other software development groups is our ardour of excellent work. Our creativity and innovation are to the highest degree possible, enabling us to build projects in line with worldwide standards. We are full of energy and never stops educating ourselves to be the best service providers for our clients.

The cost depends on the complexity of the project

The volume of work directly influences the final cost of the software. The following features may be used for the development or not:

  • Layout with animation;
  • Specific custom solutions that require technical studies;
  • The scale of adjustments made within the development process.

To build a product a developer spends a certain time, the simpler the task - the faster the implementation and the cheaper the final cost. To get an estimation of your project, contact our customer support service.