How to Make Apple Apps for Business

We are a software development company with over seven years of experience in the IT industry. Our development team specialises in bespoke mobile and web development focusing mostly on IT solutions for Apple products. Since we know how to make Apple apps, we will be happy to share our expertise with forward-looking customers and tell about the main concerns related to the business app creation and in particularly for the iOS platform.

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Apple Software Development Services

Whatever your company does in the office online can also be performed on Apple smartphones delivering additional mobility, portability, location targeting and other innovative technological enhancements provided by the Apple’s operating system and hardware capabilities.
We can help to uncover the potential of bespoke Apple applications which extends far beyond simple marketing. Our development team assist in leveraging the iOS platform to promote your products and services, reaching on-the-go consumers around the globe.
We know how to make Apple apps delivering on time and budget business-driven solutions that enable our customers to reach their business objectives. Our products support online payment transactions, social media interactions, real-time, mission-critical data access and many other features which transform the way you run the business.
Bespoke software development has become a necessity for successful business development, enabling companies to enhance customer relationships with ubiquitous mobile user experience or increase productivity with IT tools that optimise, automate and streamline work operations. If you don’t know where to start, our team will be glad to help with the app idea validation, here are a few steps that should be made before entering the mobile market:

How to Start App Development

Determine the Purpose
Before making an app identify its purpose and what goals it is supposed to achieve with thies piece of software. It is better to write down and structure your thoughts. Define what the program should do, how to attract users, what problems it should solve. It is necessary to have a well-defined, clearly-set goals. Clarify what is a success for your program. Should it be a total number of downloads, or user retention rate, increased sales or improved interaction within the company? Think of the content that should be put in, what look and feel the program should deliver. If you don’t understand what all this for, there is a too high risk to fail. It will be greate if you can sketch app ideas, form a list of requirements to the IT product, and convert worded ideas into a visual representation of desired results.
Research the Market
The next step that influences the chances for success is a market research. It is necessary to research the competition of your app idea. There are millions of apps in the store, and if you want to make a distinct product, you should study competitors, their fails and successes. The aim should be to build a better solution then there exists in the market. Get acquainted with the users’ reviews, what people like and dislike about existing options and take advantage of this information. Modify the idea adjusting to the users’ feedback. A thorough analysis of the market, competitors and target audience saves money in the long run letting define the idea that will work for sure. Determine the target audience right away, and it will help to narrow down program specifications and design ideas.
Make a List of Specifications
Approaching the professional developers or making the application yourself, in both cases you should be ready to answer the question about required program’s functionality. Apple devices provide huge opportunities for programmers to integrate useful features and ensure amazing user experience, but if the project idea is unclear and vague, no one will be able to realise it. Start with core features which are necessary to ensure effective work and seamless performance, with a scalable architecture additional nice-to-have functionality can be added anytime after the release.
Monetisation and Other Features
Think of its monetisation strategy. Such features as in-app purchases or in-app advertising should be foreseen in the software architecture. Such meticulous planning and preparation to app development can cause frustrations among people who deal with it for the first time. Our software agency is always ready to offer expert IT consultancy and help to overcome this initial challenges. If you come to us to make Apple app, our team of professional business analysts, project managers and software engineers will help to define perfect strategy that caters all your business needs.

How to Make Apple App

You can approach software development from different perspectives preferring to make an app with a DIY (do-it-yourself) platform, write code by yourself, call in a freelance programmer, reach out to professional IT agency, hire an in-house team. Let us present a quick overview of these options.
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    DIY Platforms
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    Code an Apple App by Yourself
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    Find Programmers
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    Hire Professional IT Company
DIY sites enable entrepreneurs with no coding skills to make simple applications with the help of WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) interfaces and drag-and-drop controllers. Such app creators are easy to use, take about an hour to make an app and cost about £100 per month for the maintenance. This option is fit tight budget but delivers mediocre user experience with limited functionality. App builders enable technically challenged people to make basic application with template layout at a comparatively small cost. Preferring to create a program with DIY tools make sure that initial idea of the program and chosen strategy fits the capabilities of the app creator you work with. Otherwise, it will result in wasted time, efforts, and money.
If you have a technical background and coding skills, probably writing code by yourself can become a perfect option. Apple provides tonnes of information on how to make Apple apps with the help of provided SDK and technologies.
  • First of all, to write native software for Apple products you need to know either Objective-C or Swift. These programming languages enable programmers to work within the Apple’s IDE (integrated development environment), Xcode, which runs only on OS X.
  • Xcode includes an amazing toolset to make apps which run Apple’s operating system. It has regular updates ensuring better coding experience and simplifying the work of programmers. This IDE is an intuitive, accelerated, and user-friendly environment which provides customised coding experience. One of its recent features, Runtime Issues, alerts programmers about hidden bugs as your program runs, ensuring faster delivery and higher quality of the Apple app.
  • This and many other tools will be available if get membership in the Apple Developer Program, which cost about $99 per year. Certified programmers not only access Apple’s development tools and newest betas but can also publish their IT products in the App Store.
If you have enough competence to write code yourself, this option will be the cheapest but time- and labour-consuming.

Freelance Programmers

A lot of skilled developers prefer to work for themselves starting a freelance activity. Among them, you can find an experienced and talented programmer to work on your app project. The main advantage of this option id that it is significantly cheaper than work with a software company and the end product will be a head and shoulders above the program you get with DIY tools. But be aware of the fact that proper development may require more than one specialists, especially if it comes to complex software solution. In this case, you will be the one who should connect programmer, designer and quality engineer together and organise their actions. It will take some time to find each specialist and team them up. Besides, freelance developers may run several projects simultaneously and pay more attention to the one which they consider more beneficial, what lead to the risk to have your project abandoned. Working with freelance workers, don’t forget about the paperwork, including non-disclosure agreements, invoices and others. Establish good communication with hired IT experts and estimate the risks.

In-house Developers

Finally, if you require ongoing technical support and are ready to make a long-term commitment to tech-based services and marketing than just a social app, you might be interested in the creation of your own IT department. In this case, consider a serious investment of your time and money. You should keep in mind that developers recruitment may take longer than you estimated and hence quick time-to-market strategy won’t work as well. It is necessary to state what skill set employees should have from platforms and languages to UX/UI abilities. Besides regular developer’s salary and fair benefits in long-term prospects will cost more than collaboration with a software company for a short-term commitment, that is why this investment should be justified with relevant company needs.
A professional software agency is a ready-made team of developers and programmers who specialise in bespoke app development. This option provides great opportunities and freedom in term of customisation and personalization of your IT solution. Experienced programmers, designers, project managers, testers and software engineers ensure high quality of your tailor-made program. You don’t need to recruit every specialist of the team and unite their efforts. Working with our development team, you get a dedicated project manager who controls the development process on your behalf looking after your interests and continuously informing you about the progress and current results. We are not limited with template design and basic functionality and can make a solution that meets the most demanding requirements. Our development agency does more than just coding, we ensure usability, seamless performance, user engagement and goals achievements. The main drawback of the collaboration with IT companies is the cost of their services. But you will get what you pay for, and hence you can rely on high-quality and cost-effective application and timely delivery.