Why Every Cafe & Restaurant Needs a Mobile App

Cafe & Restaurant owners, a question for you…

In this fast world, your customers are busy but they still like to eat out. Are they coming to YOUR cafe or restaurant? If not, where are they going and WHY?

Mobile Marketing will help you remind your customers about what you can provide for them. It will keep your cafe or restaurant TOP OF MIND and therefore bring your customers back more often.

What will that mean for you?

Let me tell you about Maddie.

Maddie owns a local cafe that only serves lunch. Her customers have limited time to order and eat their lunch. Maddies cafe is so popular that the line up is out the door most days.

She needed another way to serve her customers more efficiently and timely so they would keep coming. She decided that a Mobile Ordering system was what she needed.

Now, her customers can order their lunch from their office, home or on the run and simply come and collect it when they are ready, and completely avoid the line up. PLUS earn loyalty points as well…all inside the app.

To say Maddie’s decision to have an ordering system through a customised mobile app was worth it would be an understatement. With 90 orders the first 2 weeks through the app the investment has well been worth it already!

As a long time business owner, I know that it takes many elements to run a successful business. But here is the main gist of it:

  • More customers = More revenue = More profits

Take this a step further and ask your self this:

  • What would my life look like if I had more money flowing in through this business?
  • How much money could I save in wages by having orders, bookings and enquiries coming electronically through an app?
  • What could my staff be doing instead of answering phones to take orders?
  • By nurturing my clients, they will become long term and loyal. How much is just one lifetime customer going to add to my profits in one year? And how can I easily increase that amount for each one of my regular clients?

How will a Mobile App increase revenue and save time for you?

  • Mobile Orders – Clients can order through their app and if you choose the option- they can also pay for the order or leave a deposit, through the app at the time of booking.
  • Special Offers– Send special offers to your clients, sell an oversupply of product, promote a new product through Push Notifications. These are message that get delivered instantly to their mobile devices.
  • Get people to your business with GPS offers– GPS Coupon offers mean that when your customers is in your cafe or restaurant, they are eligible for a special discount (one that you determine) or offer.
  • Loyalty Programs – Similar to a physical loyalty card, your customer get rewarded for regular visits with you.
  • Referrals- Easy sharing enable your customers to let their friends know about your amazing app and the value they can also receive from you.
  • Product Sales – If you have products to sell, a merchandise tab can be set up and it can be sold through your Mobile App. You dont even need a website but if you do have a website shopping cart in place, we can integrate.
  • There are so many benefits…so little cost.

For less than a coffee per day you can invest in this tool that will enhance your business in more ways than you imagine.

Talk to us at Strategic Business Apps today. Let me personally guide you through the process and magic of mobile marketing to really reflect your business and add to your bottom line.