The Cost of Developing an App: The Investment That Will Payoff

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Think of Developing an App?

There are several alternatives and depending on your finances, free time and security tolerance stage, you may choose one of the options that suits the most.
Costs of developing an app range among companies and freelancers and each case should be considered separately.
At your disposal the exceptional alternatives:
  • Use an Internet app maker.
  • Study mobile software development and make an app on your own.
  • Buy a template or starter kit and learn enough coding to personalise it yourself.
  • Purchase an app template or starter kit and employ a freelancer to customise it
  • Hire a freelancer to create a program for you.
  • Cooperate with a software development agency to build the program.
An app maker or builder is a chunk of software or an internet provider that lets users customise and construct their program inside an editor often without having any knowledge of coding.
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    Hire a Freelancer

May be inflexible but also can be exactly what you want

Because there are so much variety and such a lot of options in terms of developing software, some creators may additionally restrict developers to a particular type of app or a sort of navigation. Then it is possible to customise or tweak the program within those constraints. Other builders may also provide a dizzying array of options and methods to configure it. A good way to find out if it is worth to try it out.

Costs vary

The costs of developing an app in an online builder range and can vary from $10 a month to a one-time fee of $5000. It is hard to nail down wherein this selection fits because of these significant cost ranges. There are even free program makers, however, as expected, they are not very high featured.

Study Mobile App Development.

That is the maximum low-cost alternative if you are on a budget to have software created. All the information to research is in the free access in the Internet and Apple affords documentation for learning to code. However, if you want to save time and to learn successfully, it is possible to invest $99 to purchasing a coding course and dedicate the time to master a new skill.

The most flexible

Once you discover ways to code, you will be capable of developing any program, and if there is something you don’t know how to do, Google is there to assist. Today tutorials and articles are abundant on the net, and it is not difficult to find an educational course on the functionality to be implemented. However, it is obligatory to learn how to read and apprehend code and app development before to use those tutorials.

When you past the hump, you can create everything

The “hump” is where everyone tends to give up. It is approximately a week in, while some students start to falter and their determination starts to be examined. For the ones who persevere and get beyond that point, the sky's the limit because now they begin to apprehend how software is built and how to read code. At this point, it is like you have found out a way to study a pre-historic language and now everything at once is open and ripe for picking!

Buy an App Template or Starter Package

This option could save money, however, would require a time investment. Honestly, it is not a simple task to learn how to code and personalise the app. You actually need to set aside time to research and to practice before you may get the grasp of it. In case you are on a budget and the adjustments are not so complicated (such as just make some tweaks to the functionality), then this will be a viable choice.

Where to start

Buy a special programming course. The investment of $99 will be more than reasonable in such case. However, it is important to dedicate the time to gaining knowledge of a new skill.

Employ a Freelancer to Customise the Template

Mainstream ideas can be made cost effectively. If the app concept is very similar to some other product that is popular in the App Store, then this is probably a good choice. As with something that gets famous, a tonne of clones always follows. Probabilities are that someone has created an identical to your great app idea and is selling that source code for $100 per license. Meaning that it is possible to publish it to the store once. Multi-license will possibly cost just a little more than that variety.

The product still needs to be customised

At the least, you will need new image belongings to replace the ones inside the source code bought. When you have a few inventive ability, it is possible to develop them yourself, or to hire a freelance developer. Moreover, in case of a greater functionality is required or need to change the way something works within the app source code, the developer can also help with these tasks.

This is still less expensive alternative than hiring for the complete app

Due to the fact you are leveraging pre-current code, this feature will cost less than hiring a software program company or freelancers to built the whole program.

What are the risks?

  • The template may not be precisely what a developer is seeking for. The more is needed to alternate, the higher the cost. Sometimes it is even cheaper to build a product from scratch.
  • The app template can be buggy. If there are bugs in the code, it will take the freelance developer greater time (this means extra costs) to discern where the bug is and how to fix it due to the fact s/he has to investigate and sort out everything of this code written by somebody else. They need to orient themselves and get familiar with the code base, and that takes time. This may come as a marvel, and it will indeed add to the cost of developing an app.
  • There can be tonnes of variations already in stores. Taking into account that it is a template, there may be hundreds of developers who have already bought it and submitted a version to the store.
Potentially good quality at a fraction of the cost. Freelance sites have lots of ways to gauge the overall performance of a freelancer. From rankings and reviews to past projects that the freelancer has achieved - investigate everything to make sure that it is the right person.

How much does it cost to develop an app with a freelancer?

You can find some virtually respectable engineers and designers for ~$50/hour. However, it is not a simple task to choose the right developer regardless the cost rates. You may face considerable risks when developing an app with someone working on his own.

So what are the risks?

  • No project supervisor to ensure that the product is delivered on time and budget. In respectful development companies, the manager additionally coordinates the communication between participants of the group.
  • A crew of strangers working collectively. In the most cases, a freelance developer and a freelance designer have never worked together before, so there is a hazard of miscommunication and matters falling through the cracks.
  • The software may not result in the desired product. With freelance programmers, a client should have a clear idea of what is going to be built because the contractor will just create whatever the client tells them to built. On the other hand, if you have interaction with a software development agency like ours, the in-house team works in close cooperation to polish the initial idea into a concrete concept. You will have professional people collecting your requirements and helping to think through every single detail.
  • You may have a terrible experience. There were plenty of testimonies when freelance contractors ignored closing dates, provided shoddy work, unexpected charges, and commonly freelancers being unreliable. The threat is to hire a person like this.
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Professional Company

Cooperate with a Professional Software Development Company

At first sight, this option may seem to be the most high priced. However, it is the most reliable and cost-effective alternative.

Hiring the professional agency developing apps is the greatest way to have the concept turned into a live app. The development companies have teams of builders, designers and assignment managers who are all experts at their personal skill set and they will work to flesh out the idea to live program that will be able to payoff.

High-quality programs built by a team of experts

The perfectly polished and robust software that frequent the top charts of stores are typically developed by mobile app companies. If the result of chart-winner is exactly what you expect to get, then it will be the best choice to take this way. To choose the right development company, we would recommend to:

  • find programs that users genuinely appreciate and have already gained a success;
  • discover which agency has developed them;
  • contact them and inquire approximate costs.
Why Choose Us

We have a vast experience in software development and a profound understanding of the modern trends in the IT market. Over the years we have elaborated lean strategies of communication with clients, software creation and exceptional quality assurance that guarantee the excellent result of our work. Our professionals have a solid background in developing successful products for big and small businesses from everywhere in the world, and you can rely on us to provide a top-notch solution that perfectly suits the enterprise needs.

Our team of developers specialises in the following: development for iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, responsive UX/UI digital design, wireframing, logo/icon/template/illustration design, e-commerce solutions and consultation, photo retouching, testing. We have perfectly mastered such tools as HTML, CSS, PHP, OpenCart, AutoCAD, Unity, Social Media Advising, Corporate Identity, etc. We are ready for the most particular or even obscure projects.

What about the costs?

Every project is unique and should be considered separately. For some projects, we surely have fixed prices, but developing iOS apps, for example, we should take into account a number of factors to have an opportunity to estimate the cost. An average MVP will cost between £50,000 and £100,000. Once you understand the general idea and main features, and of the pricing model, we will be happy to provide the individualised quote.

Our pricing is the maximum transparent, and we are ready to discuss every single penny invested. Contact our Customer Department and get a free estimation of the project. Our specialists are always ready to propose the best solution within the budget.