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Our renowned company’s goal is to deliver utmost advice and optimise the workflow by building functional and user-friendly software.

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Team Up With Professionals

Remember that to climb the highest mountain in business and provide your customers with top-notch solutions you require the most experienced and qualified specialists available on the market of app development. We are always excited to challenge ourselves with your creative ideas and produce competitive results.

Top Application Development Expertise

Our company is located in London, UK and we operate on a global market providing service for any country that is prepared to participate in the process of creative and innovative work. Members of our current team possess many years of experience in programming, testing, analysing, UI and UX responsive design, bespoke software, mobile application and web sites for iOS and Android. We are among the top of the leading UK app development agencies and strive to improve even further.
Professional Mobile App Developers
In the digitally advanced world of today finding a highly efficient company of app developers can still appear as quite a challenge. But bear with us! Our agency’s members are more than competent to take care of your innovative ideas and plans. Come over to discuss your project with the team of hard working experts and make your way up the line. We have developed apps for startups and large enterprises, delivered reliable quality, functioning, and appealing design. Our certified professionals excelled in technical areas such as design and programming and perfected their skills in consulting and strategy making.
App Creation Team And How To Choose It
For business owner, the task is clear - to find someone who can build an application from scratch or to upgrade the already poorly functional one and make it stand out among their competitors. We create flawless, innovative and exclusive applications that contain features and functions for future groundbreaking success. Investing money in applications and other online solutions adds value to their business and eventually the project pays for itself. Here you have some options:
  • Hire a renowned developers and skilled experts;
  • Work with freelance developer;
  • Collaborate with outsource company;
  • Build your development team.
Working With Experts
  • You acquire a professional developer team with impeccable reputation, background and customer feedback;
  • We assure you that our agency provides the most efficient, sustainable solutions and first class assistance in strategy making;
Collaboration with new businesses and business fields excites and challenge us, but we are fully aware that nothing is unsolvable in app development industry; There is no one-size-for-all solution. We make precisely what will fit our client’s business, considering budget and expected deadlines; To avoid further issues, we establish friendly relationships that lead to mutual understanding of the workflow.
Development Strategies
Every IT team has it’s own approach to the process. In such conditions, it is quite a challenge to discover a match for your expectations. Some of IT agencies hire third-party developers to work on a couple of independent projects at the same time. Such way of delivering quality is certainly unreliable and inefficient. Many of these cases end up being basic and mediocre in functionality and design while failing to survive among thousands of the other poorly performing applications.
Participating in The Process
In case it’s hard for you to grasp the idea of how IT industry functions, company’s experts will clear your understanding of the process and current market conditions. We will also provide you with valuable advice on how to succeed and improve your strategy. This way our clients are substantially involved in discussions and follow the process of first-class development mindfully.
Leave Everything to Our Expertise
On the other hand, if you have no interest in being involved so deeply in the process. You only have to share your ideas with us, and we will do the rest, from documentation to AppStore placement and implementation - that is simply one of the numerous advantages of hiring a certified app development firm. We are ready to offer you bespoke application development, web, UX and UI design, e-commerce, software creation, PHP, HTML, CSS, OpenCart, Unity, AutoCAD, consultation, application testing, and many more other services.
Worthwhile Approach
Throughout the years of working on development and design, we have discovered a productive and rewarding approach to the process. Such a beneficial strategy enables us to create valuable bespoke applications faster and saves the client some frustrating time. To maintain a closer communication, we keep the client regularly informed about the crucial steps and necessary changes. Working hand-in-hand and establishing a connection helps to prevent mistakes in the long run and build a rock-solid business foundation. Be assured of our expert's reliability and intelligent first-rate IT support.
Supporting Your App
Considering our efficient strategy and time-tested approach we build impeccable prototypes and move to testing, but the process does not end there. After the application is programmed and launched, we continue to support projects, introducing new updates, fixing bugs and consulting the customer on the innovative ways to enhance the software and hit the desired target.
Our App Programming Success
Apps we have built received rave reviews from all the major digital media. The number of downloads in App Store and Google Play Market was enormous, and their owners got a lot of public attention and significant revenues. We have also developed numerous high-tech mobile apps for individual startups that wished to grow their client base and gain publicity.
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    Efficient Approaches and Stages of Development
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    Full Range of Creative Services
To be completely aware of company’s work strategy and the process itself we want to offer a step-by-step description of our services. The process is never the same. We operate with necessary flexibility and different speed, address individual goals and specific targets, deliver in the shortest period and introduce changes. But the outline of the development stays the same throughout the years of work.
Right after you have shared some of the ideas you keep in mind, we move on to developing process. Our certified professionals approach you to determine your expectations and specifications concerning the app. We clearly and scrupulously define your primary business goals and demands to prevent even minor misunderstanding.

Initial Stage of Development Process: Needs And Demands

First, we present to you a complete plan of future work and listen to your ideas and suggestions; Next, firm’s specialists determine the activities for the stage. The professionals who are involved in these steps are Lead Developer, Designer, Project Manager, Finance Manager and company’s representatives. Our experts optimize the project, discover ways to increase efficiency and appoint skilled programmers and analytical team to carry out the market research.
The following step is evaluating the app development cost, resources, and timeframe. It is essential for the process if you want to deliver the first-class solution with lesser costs. As a result, we can determine project’s budget, financial plan, and all the necessary details. What we do next is taking care that information on every stage has been gathered and we are ready to prepare the required documentation. Then we approach you with a number of documents (Project Plan, Research Plan, Testing Plan, Functional Specifications) for you to understand every administrative issue and agree with the terms of the development by signing them.
At this stage, the Project Manager takes the lead by meticulously analysing the initial plan and determines the requirements for integrating the future project with different mobile operating systems. The main tasks at this point are:
  • Drawing further documentation;
  • Creating interactive prototypes, wireframes and technical specifications. Making a basic outline of all the features, the project will have, define architecture and work on the UX design.
  • Building user interfaces for mobile: style guides, UI elements, and pixel-perfect mockups. Designing mobile and web interactions: wireframes and low-fidelity and high-fidelity prototypes.
  • After that, we create the user interface, and by the end of this stage, we have a full set of app designs.
  • All the technical documents, prototypes, models and strategies send off to testing;
We are constantly aware of the deadline and complete projects on time.

Key To a Successful Launch: Planning

Defining every step assists us in keeping track of every change and process completion on the way. We plan every single detail of the future application to be precise our in work. Having a well-established program elevates us in the eyes of customers and lets them follow the process. Taking utmost care of frequent informative reports is one of the distinctive features of our company, that makes us stand out in the UK market of app development agencies.Performing a careful planning for every working project ensures the highest level of efficiency and eliminates simple and damaging mistakes.

Final Stages

When the latest tasks are settled, we get ready to the hardest, time-consuming and practical stage of development. The last battles to win are:
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Programming and Testing

Here the application gets the actual body when programmers start coding it. Ensuring that every element is in its place the developers armed with innovative tools proceed with their work. The job is meticulous and highly responsible, but don’t worry, every line of the performed code gets to be verified and tested a step later. Before the brand new application is going to be launched, our specialists study if it complies with all planned specifications and documents. Only then the app is ready to be passed on to the customer or placed on the market.

Software Launch

A step before the process of deployment, certified quality assurance experts check and examine the application for all the requirements. Tests are done according to the plan, with detecting and eliminating all the possible bugs. Because of structured and planned approach, not even a small error or glitch can remain undetected under our close expertise. Then we proceed with documenting every stage of the development process. In case there are some issues, we fix it and send to the additional testing session. Such process can take as long as it needs to reach the perfected impeccable state of the top-notch end-product.

Additional Features

As soon as we have built a functioning minimum valuable product it is available for the client to implement additional features. Following the creation of MVP, we move to user tests, which determine the user experience of interaction with the app. If it requires further optimisation, no worries, we creatively improve the product till there are no imperfections in the software functionality and design.

Post-Launch Services

To the customer's delight, the work does not end with the successful launch. However, it is common practice to abandon the project at this stage and forget about the product itself. Many app development agencies simply don’t care about their product’s future. Our development firm, on the other hand, maintains a long partnership and support for clients. We:

  • Support the application after the launch;
  • Continuously release updates;
  • Receive feedback and analyse it;
  • Suggest approaches to higher productivity;
  • Consult on the efficient marketing strategies.

Our extensive post-launch services guarantee that your application will stand out among the competitors and boost your revenues.